All’Antico Vinaio – Florence

by shaunagardner

Schiacciata? Truffle? Prosciutto? Porchetta? Pecorino? Arugula? Per favore! Since 1991, the Mazzanti family has been making the world’s greatest panini located just a skip, hop, and a jump away from the Uffizi Gallery in the center of Florence. What makes this panino unlike any other? Its’ simplicity, “less is more”. Being in the heart of Tuscany, All’Antico Vinaio uses THE BEST local ingredients. From the schiacciata, Tuscan flat bread, to the cremina di tartufo, creamy pecorino with truffle and the Prosciutto di Toscono…you can’t make a wrong decision at All’Antico Vinaio. (But best to order a few and split!)

My other favorite part about this little spot is the do-it-yourself self serve wine in front for just a few euro. You can pay at checkout! So don’t let the long line and crowds deter you…pour yourself a cup of vino and get excited. You are in for a real treat. 😉


All’Antico Vinaio
Via Dei Neri 65 R,
50122 – Florence (FI)
Tuscany – Italy

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