Baths of Queen Giovanna – Sorrento

by shaunagardner

On the edge of town on the tip of Cape Sorrento is the “Bagni della Regina Giovanna” Baths of Queen Giovanna, a pool enclosed by cliffs with a rocky beach. You would have NO idea it was there if one did not tell you where to find it. It is named after Giovanna d’Angiò, the legendary 14th century queen from Naples century who frequently used this pool (a beautiful bluish green color) to bathe. Legend also says the queen and her ladies-in-waiting would meet their lovers there for rendezvous. After visiting, one can understand why. 🙂

The area is easily reached by bus with a short walk and climb but if you are staying near Marina Grande, it is not too far and I would recommend walking. Depending on what time of day you go (I advise leaving early in the day to avoid the afternoon sun/heat) but bring a picnic to enjoy once you are there.

Start along Via Capo, staying on this street until you reach Traversa Punta Capo. I recommend utilizing google maps and don’t hesitate to ask any of the locals where to go. They will point you in the right direction! The route will take you along a short coastal path and down a steep staircase. Below is a map with directions from the Hotel Belair (where we stayed) – a wonderful hotel!

Whether you go to just take in the view and get a little exercise or make it a “beach” day, this is a little adventure worth taking.

Tips and Recommendations:
  • Wear sneakers for the walk/hike and bring water shoes if you plan to swim.
  • It is rustic meaning you will want to bring towels, water and load on the sunscreen. There are not any facilities or shade!
  • If your plan is just to check it out and grab a bite, there is a little bath house and restaurant on the Cape called Lido la Solara. Follow the signs. It is a great family owned spot. We stopped there for a drink after our morning hike to relax, cool down, and take in the view. Divertiti!

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shaunagardner August 13, 2019 - 11:03 pm

Thanks for sharing! Glad you shared the perfect day in Sorrento at the Baths 🙂


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