The Day I said “YES!” – When in Rome

by shaunagardner

Two years ago, on January 22, 2017, my now husband and I got engaged in Rome. 🙂 We had arrived the previous day, had stayed out way too late the evening before (one too many bottles of vino), so we slept in and got a slow start that morning. Before leaving our hotel, the Palazzo Navona, to find espresso, we decided to go up to the rooftop to see if it would be a good spot to enjoy an apertif that evening.

At first, the door appeared locked so I said, “Oh well, we will have to come back.” But Chad was set on getting out there (little did I know why at the time). Sure enough, we found the key and a little jiggle of the door and voila!

It was the perfect January day in Rome, low 50s with the sun peaking out. The terrace of the hotel had two levels so we climbed to the upper level to get an even better view. Turning around in a circle, there was a panoramic view of the city which not only included Il Vittoriano, the top of Sant’Agnese in Navona but also the Pantheon.

The next few minutes were a bit of a blur but it went something like this…

Chad: “Babe, we are going on an adventure!”

Me: “Babe, we are on an adventure, look at where we are.”

Chad: “But I want to go an adventure with you the rest of my life.”

All I remember is turning around and seeing Chad on one knee with tears streaming down his face, “Will you marry me?”. And then of course, the tears started on my end and we then shared one of the longest hugs of all time.

After a few calls to our family, we celebrated by walking the streets of Rome, sharing pizza at Antico Forno Roscioli and throwing coins in the Trevi Fountain.

Ti amo, Chad. Mi hai cambiato la vita. “You changed my life.”

You can read more “About Us” and our story here.


Photo by @Rome_Photographer


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